Santa Claus Welcomes You To The Merriest Place In Cyberspace!

CLAUS.COM is the oldest and most popular Christmas website on the Internet. It has become the Internetís first Christmas tradition, and it attracts millions of kids and parents every year. Santa Claus and his helpers have created a truly creative experience for kids of all ages. There are lots of things to see and do that you won't find anywhere else. And you'll also enjoy the most colorful illustrations on the entire Internet! Look over this quick guide to the site, and then click any of the links on this screen, or return to the village screen and click on any of the buildings. Have fun and Santa Claus hopes to see you here in the village often between now and Christmas.

Santa Claus Naughty or Nice ArchivesTM
Sneak a peek at your rating on Santa's Naughty or Nice List! And find out the Top Ten Ways to make the Naughty List, as well as the Top Ten Ways to make the Nice List. Remember, Santa Claus is watching!

Sugarplum Mary's Christmas PartyTM
Sugarplum is having a party and youíre invited. Itís the place to be for fun party invitations, treats, and crafts.

Toy Workshop
Check out the only toy-making machine of its kind in the world, The Magnetic-Kinetic Toy Hulla-BalluTM! Santa Claus has it set up so you can even have it make toys you select! Also, choose your very own Elf Buddies and print out their pictures. You can even ask them to send you e-mail each week.

Santa Claus House
Santa's House is packed with fun! You can see THE SANTA SHOWTM, a funny news show about what Santa Claus does when he's not in the workshop. The Santa Claus Elf Hall of Fame is also in the house. It's a whole area devoted to the most famous elves and how they came to be in the Elf Hall of FameTM. Great stories! The traditions section has information on the holidays, and you can meet Santa's dog, Cider. There is also a Crafty Crafts area for the whole family.

Santa Claus Elf SchoolTM
Earn Honorary Elf Diplomas by playing some of the elves' favorite games. Santa Claus has arranged for you to be able to print out a personalized Diploma for each Elf School game you play. There are lots of fun games! And the diploma has been completely redesigned this year to be even more colorful.

Polar PostTM
Get the daily news about Santa Claus and all the excitement in the Village. What's going on at the Toy Workshop? What special visitors have come to see Santa Claus? What festivities are taking place each night? It's all in the Polar Postô each day, starting November 1st and running through Christmas!

Mrs. Claus's Kitchen
Try out some of Mrs. Claus's holiday recipes, specially prepared in her busy animated kitchen. See which ones are favorites of Santa Claus, the elves and the reindeer. You'll love the Santa Shake!

Santa Claus E-mail Post Office
Send Santa Claus an E-mail letter, and Santa Claus will send you an E-mail back. All for free!

Santa Claus Holiday Sing-A-LongTM
CLAUS.COM now has its own original songs, and you can hear them on the website. You'll need the Flash plug-in which is easy to get if you don't have it. A link to instructions on how to get it is at the bottom of this page.

Santa Claus SpotterTM On Christmas Eve
The only tracking system of its kind in the universe is now even more advanced! See exactly where Santa Claus is as he travels around the world. Check how many cookies Santa Claus eats and how many glasses of milk he drinks! And watch as Santa Claus gets closer and closer to your house!!! The Santa Spotter will help you know when to get to bed!

The Reindeer Barn
There's never been a barn like the CLAUS.COM reindeer barn! And there has never been a team of reindeer like this one. Click the barn and then meet the reindeer and learn some pretty amazing stuff about each one.

Village Shops
Santa Claus decided the Internet needed a colorful, fun place to shop for nice gifts, so he and the elves carved a magical ice mall under the Village. Besides creative storefronts, you'll get a kick out of the animated elves.

To get any of the links on this screen, or return to the village screen and click on any of the buildings. can be enjoyed without providing any personal information whatsoever. However, while you are on the CLAUS.COM website, you should feel comfortable that if you use your name or e-mail address to personalize or enhance the experience in certain areas, that information is kept strictly private and is not revealed to anyone else or used for commercial purposes. It is only to make your visit more personal and fun. Please feel free to read our full privacy policy.