Because of long years at the drafting table drawing up design charts, he wears triple lens flip-up-flip-down tri-focal spectacles, the weight of which pinches his nose so he talks with a nasal, whiney quality. Don't expect to finish a whole conversation with Wunorse, because he'll usually hit on an equation or summation and wander away flipping down his tri-fokes as he heads for the drawing board.

Wunorse is also one of Santa's staunchest defenders. And if any trouble breaks out, he is quick to appear as Santa's honorary Nordic guardian in a horned helmet, round shield and short sword, which he can never get out of the scabbard. Wunorse's favorite expression when in his Nordic garb is "Uffda!"...which is a Scandinavian word one uses after dropping one's chewing gum in the chicken yard. "Uffda!" translates to English as "Ya, you betcha, py yimmeny!"

Ol' Wunorse's inventive skills come naturally as he is one of the last of the ancient Norse elves. In days of the old, his people were great boat builders, using their unique powers to bend wood into sleek shapes for hulls. But when the last of the Sea Raiders ceased sailing out of the Fjords, Wunorse and the other elves were left without a trade. Most of them moved from the ice-bound countries to warmer climates spread out across Europe.

But Wunorse and his tiny village stubbornly stayed on and turned to the trade of training horses and building wagons and sleighs. Of course, Wunorse excelled at his trade, but something in him called out for excitement and pageantry. One day, as a young elf of a mere 374 years, he saw a traveling circus and knew that was for him.

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