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ne of the few old Nordic Elves,    
Wunorse is in his middle years, around 600 years old and is solidly proportioned, akin to his Viking ancestry. His blonde hair is long past his shoulders, and he wears it in thick horse-styled braids, often with tiny jingle bells woven into them. He is a true inventor and craftsman, and behind one ear he keeps a pencil stub for doodling, sketching and figuring, no matter where he is. It was Wunorse who long ago created Santa's magic sleigh.

Wunorse's mind wanders because he's always involved in thoughts the rest of us just can't understand. His beard is yellow, thick and curling. It would be longer, but he tends to get too close to the candles he uses for light on his work table. He is often glimpsed stubbing out his smoking beard in a large ashtray he keeps nearby.

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