Shinny is the leader of the Elves and is Santa's oldest friend and co-founder of the village. Everyone pretty much ignores his crankiness because without ol' Shinny, there wouldn't be a North Pole Village and maybe not even a Santa Claus.

SHINNY UPATREE has been around so long, he's even forgotten how old he is, but he remembers when the North Pole Village was just one cold, one- room igloo. That was before he was known as Shinny. His original name was Ooopsy Shenanigan.

Ooopsy had left his homeland to live on his own, so he didn't have to deal with any typical elf village responsibilities. He wanted to be a hermit. And that was that. But that was before the fellow named Santa Claus arrived, lost, in the vast frozen northern wasteland with all his great ideas to honor children on Christmas.

In fact, it was Ooopsy (soon to be Shinny) who introduced the idea of having a Christmas Tree in the house. Actually, he'd built his igloo around a baby fir tree because it looked so healthy and green. It eventually grew so big it took over his igloo, and he had to cut a hole in the igloo's roof so it could keep growing.

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