You would think that being one of the reindeer that pulls the sleigh for Santa Claus would keep a reindeer very very busy. And it does. But good ol' Cupid still finds time to play the great "Reindeer Romantic."

He loves to create reindeer crushes and romances for reindeer all over the world, not just the team at the North Pole. He has personally been matchmaker to 1043 reindeer couples in the last year. But the romance he is most interested in is his own. And it is quite a romantic tale.

One day, a long long time ago, Cupid was flying along solo, just loosening up and practicing some roof landings about a week or so before Christmas. Suddenly he glimpsed a herd of reindeer trainees on a training flight. He could tell, because reindeer-in-training wear super bright yellow vests and have flashing lights on their antlers. (It's kind of the same idea that driving schools use on their cars.)

The herd of reindeer trainees was dashing through the snow off the eastern border of Lapland when, WHOOOOOSH!... it hit a huge updraft that sent the team out of control and upside down, heading right for the side of dreaded Ouch Mountain!

Cupid made a speed dive and grabbed the reins of the lead reindeer, gently guiding the team back under control. When Cupid had safely landed the team, a young girl reindeer named Vixen rushed over to him. Cupid was the bravest reindeer she had ever met and she fell head over hooves for him.

They have been hitched for over 200 years now!